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I just finished reading Clay Johnson’s ‘The Information Diet’ in which the open source technologist tries to make the case for a healthy and conscious consuming habit.

I thought it was an interesting premise, since it’s basically the exact same as I’m pursuing in my current first draft of what should become "Overload: Living in the Information Age". My end review would be 3 out of 5 stars, mostly because there’s a lot of American political stuff in the book of which I have little to no knowledge and interest, and because most of the stuff has been living in my head almost full time already, but that’s just me.

If you’re interested in this stuff, or you know someone who’s infobese, please read or gift this book. It’s up to a level that I can only dream to achieve. If you’re vaguely interested, just visit the Information Diet website, which gets referenced in the book constantly and has all good information you could want.

Mike Vardy has a deeper (and more positive) review:

I think it’s okay to “snack” on information, but I believe we spend too much time “snacking” on in formation and not enough information “savouring” it.

I would like to give you one quote of the book that I fullheartedly agree with:

It’s not information overload, it’s information overconsumption that’s the problem.

It’s not the publication’s fault for feeding you crap, it’s not the blogger’s fault for not being interesting to you, it’s not the internet’s fault that there’s just too much information out there. It’s you.

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